The untangling of Chaos is an act of creation.


“Chronos” is a project about facing one’s own mortality. It is something that we fear the most. For this project, I collected symbols and metaphors regarding the transience of life.

Metamorphosis. Black

I make self-portraits because I am so often alone, and because I am the person I know best. Creation is the opposite of death, and each self-portrait is the answer to the question ‘Am I still alive?’


If we could escape from our memory, it would be much easier... But in the end our personalities are formed by our experiences, be they positive or negative.


“Inside”, a series of surrealistic self-portraits exploring the conflict between the appearance and the inward.

Days of War: a Pillow Book

'War' and 'Waiting' begin with the same letter. I'm not a soldier's mother, neither am I a soldier's wife. But I know what it feels like when the loved one goes to war.