Days of War: a Pillow Book
Photographs, text and design by Maria Pleshkova

Publisher: Treemedia

First edition of 50 copies
88 pages
210 x 210 mm
ISBN: 978-5-903788-36-1


About the project:

“Days of War: a Pillow Book” is a diary about waiting.
The project is based on my personal experience. The man I loved, who is a journalist, went to Libya to cover the war. Unable to join him, I stayed in my native city. I was reading articles and watching the news from Libya every day. I was plunged into those events so deeply, that it seemed to me that I was there, too.
Desperate and anxious, I began to make this project. It was both my diary and my therapy. In this project each photograph is followed by text. The texts tell what happened in Libya on any given day. Photographs show what happened to me on the same day. The texts are deliberately very formal, like newspaper headlines. It’s kind of a timeline of Libyan civil war. By contrast, photographs are all very intimate. They tell a story about my inner space.